"Sizzlin' HVAC leads for nothing but a song!"

"Results Our Clients Are Getting With Earworm "Search & Call" Jingles!" 

This could be YOU!

Here's a small selection representing what jingles have done for others - and what they can do for you! 

Remember... When you're advertising on cell phones, you're advertising with the one thing people always have with them!

Empire Today

Here's what Empire Today has to say about their jingle...

"The jingle and carpet man's prevalence in the years has allowed Empire Today to become the iconic brand it is today."

They go on, identifying the power that does it, music...

And then they speak directly of their results...

"This power... [sold] thousands of families empire Carpet and Empire Flooring."

Cellino & Barnes

Stephen E. Barnes, one-half of the Cellino & Barnes law firm says, thanks to their jingle, their once unknown, local law firm went national!

As amazing as that sounds, there's more, a lot more to the story!

Tune in to the HVAC opportunity video at the top of the home page for an unanticipated, simply unbelievable thing that took off for Cellino & Barnes - all due to their earworm jingle!

Do you have an idea - or specific intentions - to grow beyond your local area?

This could happen to you!

The phone still serves as a telephone, but it's so much more... It's a portal to the world!

Canton Termite & Pest Control

"I have see a GREAT return on my investment in a jingle! Many of my recent customer acquisitions have told me that the jingle was what sparked their call. If you need a professional grade, highly marketable jingle for your business, [these] are the guys to talk to!" - Tim McWhirter, CEO of Canton Termite & Pest Control, Canton GA

The earworm jingle we made for them...

Using our secret formula...

Start and end the commercial with the earworm jingle!


In 30 days in Canton (a small suburb of Atlanta) he had 3,800 views to this commercial jingle - mostly on cell phone, as you would expect.

Getting response...

People calling, saying they've heard his jingle...

One person called and said, "You must be doing well to get a jingle!"

Commentary... Some thing are just too good!

Won't you relish your competitor's ire when he hears your jingle?!

Volunteer Rid-A-Pest

“I looked high and low for over 5 years, for someone... to create a jingle for my advertising, but found no one.

Everyone I spoke to either never called me back or wanted over $7,500. 

After speaking with you… I had my finished jingle on the following Tuesday afternoon, for a very affordable price.

“My goal is to get my company name and telephone number remembered, and that is exactly what is happening.

I will have a huge leg-up on my competition! Not only am I advertising on the radio, but also on Facebook, Spotify and YouTube with great results!

Thanks so much for your help with my new jingle! I feel it will be a game changer for my business.”  - Erik Gardner, Volunteer Rid-A-Pest, Cleveland, TN

We handle everything for you, so you focus on converting and servicing the incoming leads. We create and update the ads, providing you a monthly report.

With our affordable ad management services, monitoring your ad performance, changing out for different seasons, reporting, tuning and tweaking ... It effectively works on autopilot for you.

Creepy Creatures

Watch the Creepy Creatures video. The video does a good job of positioning them, so they appeal to people with consciousness.

The jingle makes their phone number memorable.

We took their existing cable TV ad, and edited in our jingle to open and close the ad. This increases the "search and call" music exposure.

Even those YouTubers in your geographic, age, and home ownership target who don't watch the whole ad DO hear how to find your business!

Say you don't have a TV ad produced? We have very affordable options to make simple, but effective 60-second TV ads from our scripts.

Just call us at 615-662-3169 to get your jingle ads online - where your competition is not advertising!

“The first day my jingle played on social media I started getting phone calls.

Some were from friends that heard my commercials and there were comments on my YouTube channel.

When I put it on YouTube it immediately started getting views before any paid campaigns.

Since it comes in a few formats, I'm finding there are countless ways to use the jingle, whether it is paid campaigns or everyday social media.

This is going to be really good for my business. Thanks!”  - Dusty Showers, Creepy Creatures Pest & Wildlife Management, Tampa FL

Here's a screenshot with the hard numbers:

I urge you to take the time to digest it...

Explanation follows, which makes it easy.

  • Does NOT require any of your effort in an already over-stressed, overly active business with many irons in the fire

Wow! A whopping 36,400 local market listeners in Pinellas County heard the earworm, even the 90% that skipped the ad!

And due to the way YouTube works - that's NOT likely to change anytime soon...

The client didn't pay for the skips - they only paid for the views and clicks!

One Full Month Results:

  • 36,400 listener earworm exposures
  • 8,000 full ad views
  • 69 clicks from phone & tablet to website
  • Total investment only $180
  • Works out to mere $6 per day

Can you handle $6 a day to generate these numbers?

What if you invest a little more?

"Will I get the same results?"

I know what you're thinking... "Will I get the same results?"

Your costs and your results will vary... If we took 100 HVAC companies, nobody would end up on the penny with Creepy Creatures results.

That's just the way the "imperfect" advertising world is...

Market areas and competition affect the price...

You could do better, or you could do worse...

The correct way to pose the question concerns ROI, return-on-investment.

Figure this one out for yourself...

My average HVAC sale is $9,012. Yours may be higher or lower.

At your own average HVAC sale, how many sales do you need to make to break even??

Oh, Creepy Creatures' calls have spiked, because when you advertise to cell phones, thanks to "click-to-call" technology, you are only 1 tap away from a call!

Talk about a perfect setup!

Get online now.

And do remember, if you're playing the long game in your business - and I hope you are! - you've seen local brands go national, and obscure businesses become iconic, making - in their own words - thousands of high dollar sales due to their jingle!

Further, here's what we can assure you. Local YouTube ads are cheap - dirt cheap - compared to any other type of TV-style advertising.

And we can assure you... You set the budget, and we'll stay within that budget.

That's how the ad networks work today.

Equally as important, we'll get you as many views as possible for your budget, guaranteed!

Yeay for the mobile internet!

And I've got another question...

What could you get for $6 a day elsewhere?

  • You can't get a sandwich at Subway for $6
  • If you go to Starbucks and want a cup of coffee, you'd better order a standard "Americano"
  • Or, like Creepy Creatures, you could get 1,213 impressions per day

Let's contrast that with sending junk mail to houses in your market...

If you go through a mailing house and get postal discounts (which won't happen on a $180 / mo budget, but let's pretend), you might get the price down to 70¢ each.

  • That means for your $6 you can get 9 outgoing letters, half of which are tossed sight unseen...

Which do you prefer, 1,213 online impressions or 9 mail pieces??

Oscar Smith, who jumped on board when he first heard about this program, did so observing...

"Anyone who is not social media conscious is driving their business into the ground."

The Verdict Is...

Earworms work!

They can make you money,

make you a household name in your market!

They can build your business to national levels!

Recommended Action:

Get a powerful earworm jingle working in your market! 

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