"Sizzlin' HVAC leads for nothing but a song!"

"Jingles of various lengths, copywriting, professional voice talent, & ad management - everything you need to get sizzlin’ leads your competitors have no idea exist."

We develop and provide supporting services for a special type of advertising for the HVAC business that gets you sizzlin' leads that convert into those huge HVAC paydays, than can make your business and phone number a household item.

It's a very special type of advertising... Calling it a "jingle," while technically correct, undersells it.

What we offer you is more correctly known as an "earworm 'search and call'" jingle, fully explained in the video on the home page, which, if you haven't done it yet, you'd be well-served to watch.

We offer jingles of various lengths, copywriting, professional voice talent, and ad management - everything you need to get sizzlin' leads your competitors have no idea exist!

Different clients have different plans for their jingles...

Creepy Creatures already had a TV ad running, and they just needed a solid, memorable jingle to bookend it.

There is no "one price fits all," as the plans and budgets of each client differ. Within our area of expertise, whatever your particular needs, plans, and desires are, we are a high-quality, very reasonable firm.

I'm sure you've noticed... People everywhere are on their cell phones. In your waiting room, in your company trucks, at Starbucks, in restaurants, in the park. It's a common phenomenon to see a group of 4 - 5 people together, all with their heads buried in their own phone!

Our ads, while they work as well in the traditional offline medium of radio and TV, are specifically designed to allow you to take advantage of where the people are today in the Internet Age - at a fraction of the cost, giving you the most targeted advertising that exists!

Together we walk over your plans and desires, our services and the options, and decide on something that fits within your budget and drives your plans.

Here's a thumbnail sketch of the products and services we offer:

Audio Jingles and Ads

It all starts in audio - with the earworm jingle.

These can be anything from a 15 second earworm jingle to a commercial with an earworm to open and close it.

We develop, create, produce, and license the jingle with a "lifetime of business or 100 years" license within 50 miles of your business address.

Click the play buttons to hear samples of our popular themes created with name Nashville artists we can customize with your search terms, USP, and phone number, and license to your market.

GGA Pest Management - Jingle Only

Volunteer Rid-A-Pest - Ad with Jingle Close

Best Seller Builders - Jingle Only

Tex Inspect Home Inspection - Jingle Only

Canton Termite - Smooth R&B Female - Jingle Only

Video Jingles and Ads

The entire process is custom engineered with you... The search terms that turn you up #1 on Google, your unique selling proposition, and your phone number...

Then we ask about your company colors... These will be important when we're making the video.

We also get a few pictures or video clips of you, your business location, and some of your personnel in action.

DO NOT think this is complex! We just ask what you have or can easily  create, and we work with that.

We sketch out the lyrics for your jingle, and get your approval.

Then we create the earworm "search and call" jingle...

Then we produce that jingle in video.

These videos are suitable for TV or YouTube.

We produce the jingle video with the audio jingle for one low investment.

Together we walk over your plans and desires, our services and the options, and decide on something that fits within your budget and drives your plans.

This allows you to take advantage of the cheapest, most effective online advertising out there, YouTube. If you haven't watched the video which explains how you get 300% more listens to your video jingle than you pay for, surely you want to do it now!

Be forewarned... We've had more than one self-appointed video industry expert rail down on us, upset with the low fees we charge, so who knows how much longer we'll be able to maintain this pricing strategy. But for now, it's yours if you want it...

Here's a few sample video ads we've created for our clients...

Several Voices Available

The first two samples are sung by our classic go-to voice, Nashville artist, Adam Cunningham (Season 13 Finalist on NBC's The Voice).

When you feel a smooth pop voice is more appropriate for your positioning, we go to Nashville hit songwriter and singer, Pat McManus:

And here's a sample that demos the classic smooth female voice we use, Donna Faulterman, Grand Ole Opry star, singer with Ray Stevens. Want smooth female? She's the one!

Standard delivery on a jingle includes:

Though most HVAC owners ask us to do some degree of customization, like creating and presenting an ad in addition to the jingle, it's helpful to know what the "standard" package is.

In today's age of easy access, many owners have a friend - or sometimes a son or daughter - who can do the technical work and even interpret the ad for them.

We offer an earworm "search and call" jingle along with the supporting accouterments that an HVAC firm may need to maximize effectiveness of their play. To have flexibility.

All delivery items are in the same style and theme, for seamless flexibility.

These include:

1. 15 second jingle stand alone

2. 60 second music with jingle end (first part is for your "commercial"

3. 30 second music with jingle end (first part is for your "commercial"

4. 60 second instrumental bed for voice over copy

5. YouTube 15 second logo video (this is your jingle made into an attractive video)

6. 5 pre-written response trigger advertising scripts - fill-in-the-blanks and read it!

7. Coaching / tutorials getting the greatest exposure for your "Search & Call" jingle

Delivery Samples

The different formats come with the finished jingle placed strategically over the musical bed. 

Click the play buttons to hear how your product, when you don't ask for any customization beyond style, is delivered...

Sample: Jingle Only - 15 secs (15 secs)

Sample - Ad Bed 15 secs + Jingle 15 secs (30 secs)

Sample - Ad Bed 45 secs + Jingle 15 secs (60 secs)

Ad Writing

In the jingle listeners hear the business' search terms or business name, the call-to-action, and the phone number. That alone is enough to increase customer calls.

But HVAC in most places is driven by two big seasons, so you might want to do short-term messages, reading scripts of changing and timely offers.

Of course, you may have certain services you want advertised regularly, too.

That involves copywriting - writing what you say. You don't have to write a thing. We provide everything you need for the earworm jingles, free.

For the advertising part, you can write it, from the templates we give you, or you can let our trained professionals write it, for a song!


Custom voiceover... Most clients, in addition to the earworm jingle, run an advertising clip.

Often you, as the business owner, are the best option for speaking it.

However, many business owners lack the experience, confidence, or the personality to do it themselves, and feel it can and should be better done by a professional.

When that's the case, Ted Ciuba is a professional voiceover artist, with decades of experience, who offers his voiceover services FREE to his clients!

He does this just because he loves that you're doing business with us! This is his contribution to your well being!

But voice over artists are as unique as singers... If you want a different professional voiceover, that can be arranged, too. For a song!

We'll guide you through the whole process, so you optimize the return on your investment and make the most money possible.

Ad Placement & Ad Management

After you get your jingle, you've got to run it.

Where do you turn to for maximum effectiveness?

That's where our experience comes to your aid.

We do creation and review of ads, consultation on new promotions, video ads...

We place the ads on our specialty platforms, the online venues YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and podcasts.

For more details visit the Ad Management page on this site.

Supplemental Online HVAC Marketing Services

As the HVAC online marketer, rest assured, we also offer other web related marketing services.

We web audits, SEO audits and writing, web page writing, and email writing for promotions, autoresponders, and administrative needs.

Buyers are on their phones everywhere. Their phones are an integral, and constant part of their lives... Whether it's them that discovers the problem, that hears your jingle, or that gets the call from their spouse. Be there!

HVAC problems can strike at any time - people always have their phone with them.

What the heck? they live on their phones!

They should know you exist, who you are, and how to get hold of you - by heart!

  • Get a powerful earworm jingle working in your market!
  • Do it now.
  • Call Ted Ciuba at 615-662-3169
  • AND experience a greater joy in living!

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