"Sizzlin' HVAC leads for nothing but a song!"

"Creation, Placement, And Review Of Ads, Consultation On New Promotions, Video Ads, Monthly Reporting...

All For One Low Monthly Investment"

The greatest advertising leverage you can find today is by going where the people are, onto Social Media.

Our specialty platforms are the online venues YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and podcasts. 

YouTube & Ad Management

I'm sure you already know this... Business-to-consumer, or business-to-business.. "Fair or foul" - in today's world...

It's not the company with the better product or service who wins, it's the one with the better marketing.

You either embrace this... Or lose business to your competitor who does.

I hope you are the best... But even being the best, without marketing, won't make the grade.

So the issue then becomes, how do you get good results for an affordable, profitable investment?

Only paid advertising has sufficient power to build a business.

What do you see the big companies doing?..

You can't depend upon random luck and stray cats from Google and Facebook.

It's not so bad... Not at all!

Because there's so much inventory, supply and demand offers you very affordable rates. A mere $10 per day can make you multiple tens of thousands of dollars monthly...

Because your competitors are lost in the woods on this game... Still trying to get free traffic from posts and SEO.

On Demand & Scalable

You need something that's on demand and scalable.

If it's a slow period, ramp up your advertising and enjoy prosperity...

You can and should keep your crews working to full capacity and beyond all the time.

You'll never do better than a Search & Call Earworm Jingle running pre-roll ads on You Tube.

That is where your prospects are - and you can reach them with your advertising aim.

And your competitors have no idea about this, so you've got the giant competitive advantage there!

YouTube is not your only option, of course. There're other online venues we can place you on, including Facebook, Spotify, and podcasts.

They Call You When They Are Ready To Buy

We place you front and center of your prospects, so they call YOU when they are ready to buy.

The jingle works like magic, it starts bringing in calls immediately - and you can do it for a song!

Let us help show you how. Let us do it for you.

You do what you do best, we do what we do best.

We handle everything for you, so you focus on converting and servicing the incoming leads. We create, place, tweak, and update the ads, providing you a monthly report.

With our affordable expert management services, that includes ad change-out for different seasons, reporting, tuning and tweaking ... It effectively works on autopilot for you.

  • Does NOT require any of your effort in an already over-stressed, overly active business with many irons in the fire

And there's lots of other places you can use your earworm jingles...

  • Get a powerful earworm jingle working in your market!
  • Do it now.
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