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The company, our unique service to you, and a little on the principals.

People who don't need HVAC services and installations aren't thinking of you, and they aren't very strong prospects for those services.

Good luck making a living with them...

You've got to find the people who need your services, when they need your services.

Said another way, your advertising has to be present when your prospects are looking for solutions to their problems.

But how? You can't be everywhere all the time, so you're there when they need you...

Turns out there IS a unique type of advertising that is affordable, and does just that.

It makes your business instantly there when your prospect is ready to buy, and often makes you the only call they make!

That's the product HVAC Jingles brings you, a "'search and call' earworm jingle. 

That story is told in full on this website, which I urge you to thoroughly check out - it could be the game changer you've been hoping you'd find.

So, let's talk about the key personnel in our organization, your crack HVAC jingles team.

Ted Ciuba

The HVAC Marketer

Mike Stewart

Musician, producer, marketer

"The Musician's Musician"

Gold record winner, Mike Stewart, made his first jingles in 1979.

Nobody on earth has been on the internet longer than Ted Ciuba.

He made his first money online in 1994, wrote seminal internet marketing books, and founded World Internet Summit, the largest and longest running entrepreneurial internet marketing training organization in the world.

That's when Mike and Ted began working together. Mike made our theme songs, performed at our events, and trained our students to use audio and video equipment on their websites.

Both men are visionaries, with a track record of success independently and together.

Bringing 30 years of studio experience, the best Nashville artists, the top copywriters, and the experienced digital advertising team to your business for a song!

A Great Jingle Will Be There At The Moment Your Prospect Is Ready, Making YOU The One Call, And Often The ONLY One They Consider!

We create, produce & place "search and call" jingles optimized for local radio, TV, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and podcast advertising.

If you want more HVAC customers, you MUST watch the video on the home page!

After you do that, give me, Ted Ciuba, a call at 615-662-3169, and let me explain how we can produce an irresistible jingle for a modest investment, and show you exactly how to use it in today's social media world of YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and on podcasts that reach your potential customers.

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