"Sizzlin' HVAC leads for nothing but a song!"

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"How To Get Loads Of Sizzlin' HVAC Leads For Nothing But A Song!"

Revealing A Special Type Of Advertising That Can Make You A Lot Of Money - One That Has Taken Small Unknown Businesses National and Made Obscure Businesses Iconic!!"

Watch our short video here. Click the play button, turn up the audio volume, and get ready for a business transformation!

If you want loads of sizzlin' HVAC leads, and you want a secret, easy, affordable advantage your competitors don't know about to get them, then this could be the most important web message you ever encounter.

My name is Ted Ciuba, the HVAC Online Marketer, and I'm going to share with you an easily accessed but little used power you have to...

  • Get more customers
  • Make more profit$
  • Leave your competitors wondering how you're doing it!
  • AND experience a greater joy in living!

Look, I know time is the most precious commodity you have... 

All I can say is, if you are serious about growing your HVAC business in ways you've only dreamed of until now, then you cannot not afford to take a few minutes and watch this eye-opening video. Period.

"Yes, they know YOU - they are humming and singing your song! "

Here's the long and the short of it. Have you ever had a song that played over and over again on the radio, whether you particularly liked it or not, and you could sing the words to it?

You find yourself singing and humming it. You memorize every word of it, without ever trying! And when you think of or hear that song today, it's still there - intact.

And that, in a nutshell, is why jingles are so powerful!

They are memorable.

Because they combine aspects of left brain and right brain communication, they are simply irresistible.

You, the first call they make, the only call they make.

And if your jingle has your website address and your phone number in it, when your prospect is needing your services, at that instant they have your info right at hand!

This makes you the first call they make, and often the only call they make.

And I don't have to remind you how much a service call can be worth to you, especially in these days of the phase out of R-22!

Wouldn't you like to have this irresistible power working for you??

If you want more HVAC customers, you MUST watch the video at the top of this page!

After you do that, give me, Ted Ciuba, a call at 615-662-3169, and let me explain how we can produce an irresistible jingle for a modest investment, and show you exactly how to use it in today's social media world of YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and on podcasts that reach your potential customers.

Tune Into Some Earworm Jingles

Surely you'll want to watch the video at the top of this page...

It has sample earworm videos we've produced for our clients, as well as giving you a quick tour - with jingles - of how the earworm "search and call" jingle began, what it's accomplished, and how you can let it work its magic for you.

A Great Jingle Will Be There At The Moment Your Prospect Is Ready, Making YOU The One Call, And Often The ONLY One They Consider!

Here's a few comments from some of our satisfied users:

"I have seen a GREAT return on my investment in a jingle! Many of my recent customer acquisitions have told me that the jingle was what sparked their call. If you need a professional grade, highly marketable jingle for your business, [these] are the guys to talk to!"

 - Time McWhirter, CEO of Canton Termite and Pest Control, Canton GA

"I looked high and low for over 5 years for someone to create a jingle for my advertising, but found no one. Everyone I spoke to either never called me back or wanted over $7,500. After speaking with you... I had my finished jingle on the following Tuesday afternoon, for a very affordable price.

"My goal is to get my company name and telephone number remembered, and that is exactly what is happening. I will have a huge leg-up on my competition! Not only am I advertising on the radio, but also on Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube with great results! Thanks so much for your help with my new jingle! I feel it will be a game changer for my business."

 - Erik Gardner, Volunteer Rid-A-Pest, Cleveland TN

"The first day my jingle played on social media I started getting phone calls... When I put it on YouTube it immediately started getting views before any paid campaigns. Since it comes in a few formats, I'm finding there are countless ways to use the jingle whether it is paid campaigns or everyday social media. This is going to be really good for my business Thanks!"

 - Dusty Showers, Creepy Creatures Pest & Wildlife Management, Tampa FL

One Great Jingle Made Empire Today The Iconic Brand In Its Marketplace

Empire Today, who ran one of the original jingles in the "search and call" genre, has this to say about the power of music AND including the company's phone number in the musical jingle.

You'll see and hear the brief but effective jingle in the video at the head of this page.

Regarding that jingle, which created the iconic "Empire Today" brand, they say...

"The jingle and carpet man's prevalence in the years has allowed Empire Today to become the iconic brand it is today."

First played in 1977, they're still running it today. Of course!

They acknowledge on their website...

No kidding?!


How would your business and your life be different if you had an earworm jingle selling thousands of HVAC systems for you??..

The verdict is rendered!
"Earworms work!"
  • They can make you money
  • Make you a household name in your market!
  • They can build your business to national levels

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